Omar-S Sent Us A Tape He Made in 1993

It can be done, but only he can do it. And he did. In 1993.



As part of our THUMP Presents series, our American colleagues are partnering with New York clubOutput to bring you Detroit's finest, Omar-S. Coming off a magical run of records with "Here's Your Trance Now Dance" and "Wayne County Cops," it rarely feels like Omar-S can do any wrong. Joining him will be the always incredible Actress and FXHE new jack, John FM at Output on Friday, October 16th.

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Ahead of the night, Omar-S sent us a cassette mix (that was before 320) he made all the way back in 1993 (with exception of a new John FM track in front). No word on a tracklist, but it's chocked full of jams and tape hiss, with brief moment of silence for the flip.