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Join Soulwax on a Nine Minute Prog-Disco Journey into the Cosmos with a Shock Machine Remix

The Belgian brothers' take on Shock Machine's "Open Up the Sky" is a mind-altering future classic.

Josh Baines

Josh Baines

What do you reckon you'd see if you opened up the sky? Probably more sky to be honest, given that unless you're literally standing on a planet or a star or one of those bits of rubbish that floats sadly into infinity, pretty much everything is sky. That's what most of us would see, anyway. The Soulwax lads have a different idea.

The Belgian brothers have decided to take ex-Klaxon James Righton's Shock Machine project on the kind of extended psychedelic journey that's become something of a trademark for them in recent years. Their take on "Open up the Sky" transforms the track from a melancholic psych-pop number into a churning rumbler that pounds, chirrups, and soars into the stratosphere—and it's all grounded by a Balearic monster of a bassline.

Check it out exclusively here on THUMP below.

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