Listen to a Faze Miyake Track So Lit I Burnt My Fingers Writing This Headline

The producer is also releasing a USB stick celebrating five years of music.

Jun 1 2015, 2:55pm

Ashley Verse

Faze Miyake has got a wealth of bassy productions to his name, yet much like a lot of names in the fast-moving world of production, Rinse mixes and copious collaborations, much of the music goes without physical release and ends up getting lost in the annals of Youtube. Fortunately for fans of Miyake, he is taking things into his own hands with the physical release to end all physical releases: a dog-shaped USB stick (the icon of his Woofer Music label).

All photos by Ashley Verse.

Celebrating five years of music with the limited edition drive, the Woofer USB will be an opportunity acknowledge the East London producer's ear for clattering beats, bubbling subs and rabble-rousing synth shots. The temptation is always to refer to Miyake as a grime producer, but really, a look back at the work he has produced over the past half a decade speaks of a far more varied back catalogue. As his Rinse FM profile reads, he has been influenced by everything underground, "from jungle to garage to dubstep, grime, whatever. I consider myself just somewhere along those lines, I float between all of them."

To give you a taste of just how much heat this 8GB stick is packing, Faze Miyake has generously offered up a track for an exclusive THUMP premiere. "DVLA" is absolutely huge, start to finish, with a spitting hit-hat and a bass walkabout so wobbly it could curdle milk. This particular cut dates back to 2013, and it's a testament to the enduring quality of the production that it stands up as completely fresh today.

From tomorrow (2/06) you can preorder the whole retrospective, which Miyake is promising as his chance to "give back to supporters" ahead of his eventual album release on Rinse later this year. The full track-list is below, so soak that in, get your pre-orders down, and your bass levels up.

Tracklist (in order of age 2010 to 2015):

Laid Back
Dr. Pepper
White Fish
The 1st (co produced by Rude Kid)
Cupcakes (co produced by Tre Mission)
Play Remix (Instrumental)
Red Pass
Air Max 95

Faze Miyake is on Twitter/Facebook/Soundcloud.

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