Swing Ting Just Dropped One of the Biggest Tunes of the Year to Date

Equiknoxx's "Fly Away" is a dancehall heater that's already had endorsement from the likes of Murlo and Jon K.

Mar 1 2017, 10:10am

Photo by Georgiana Chitea

Our love of Manchester party collective and record label Swing Ting is pretty widely documented by now. In fact, we'd go as far to say that they're the best thing about the city, apart from maybe that new vegetarian Indian place that Jay Rayner was banging on about in the paper at the weekend, and given that how much we like Indian food that's a high accolade.

Anyway, that's enough of that because we're getting really hungry and all that's on offer to eat at work is a pretty manky apple that's been languishing on our desk since early last week and is by now possibly ridden with maggots. Rather than biting into that and getting a gob-full of larvae as a reward, we've decided to tuck into the latest ST release instead. Following on from incredible material by the likes of Florentino and Famous Eno, they've got dancehall dons Equiknoxx—the production crew comprised of Gavsborg, Time Cow, Bobby Blackbird, Brent Bird, Shanique Marie, Kemikal and a few others—back on board for another club-destroying number,

"Fly Away" sees Gavsborg teaming up with veteran vocalist Alozade for a subtly rumbling, woozed-out and wonky bashment workout which is already getting a lot of dancefloor action from esteemed selectors like Murlo and Jon K, and let's be honest, any tune good enough for DJs of that calibre is good enough for us, right? Right!

Stream the sublime "Fly Away" in full below.

Fly Away by Equiknoxx is out on the 3rd of March on Swing Ting and you can pre-order it here.