Listen to a Stripped Back and Slamming New Track by Ortella, the Club King of Lyon

The French producer's "Squirt the House" is taken from his fantastic forthcoming 'Mad in Lyon 3' EP.

A few years back now, it felt like the whole world had its beady eyes all over the French city of Lyon. That was largely down to the absurd free kicks that diminutive Brazilian midfielder Juninho Pernambucano was banging in for Olympique Lyonnais as they strolled to seven consecutive Ligue 1 titles in the 00s.

Ever since then, the city's not been getting quite as much attention, but away from the spotlight, the Lyonnais have been getting on with their own thing. And that thing, so it seems, is really fucking banging house music.

Fabrizio Ortella—producer, DJ, and boss of the Mad in Lyon label—is, if you like, the king of Lyon. He makes the kind of stripped-back thumping club music that's best suited to the kind of parties where everyone in attendance is sweatier than a bloke in a sumo suit doing 10K on a treadmill. And because we're into that kind of house, we've decided to hook up with Ortella to bring you a track from his brand new EP on DJ Steaw's resolutely reliable hit-factory Rutilance Recordings.

The Mad in Lyon 3 EP is an essential purchase for anyone out there who vibes on the dubbier end of the house spectrum. Think spectral chords clanking over the kind of kicks that could knock skyscrapers over and you're on the right tracks. Our favourite cut from the record is "Squirt the House" and, luckily, we're letting you listen to it below. As a warning, it'll probably have you chucking an easy peeler at your monitor in sheer joy.

The Mad in Lyon 3 EP is out on the 24th of February via Rutilance Recordings.