Yaroze Dream Suite's New Single 'Pixel Dreams' is a Masterclass in Watercolour Grime

Mr Mitch and Yamaneko's new project is an object lesson in the importance of space and place. And video game noises.

Sep 26 2016, 11:35am

Photo by Arianna Power

Yaroze Dream Suite is Mr Mitch and Yamaneko, and as Yaroze Dream Suite, Mr Mitch and Yamaneko make the kind of gently undulating pulse-music that we've decided is best described as 'watercolour grime' so if you if you see anyone else using that phrase then you know where they got it from. What we mean by "watercolour grime" is that the pair's music sits somewhere between the weightless sound that Mitch is known for, an old Japanese solo-synth private press LP, and a kind of pastoral, rainy-day idyll. This is a devil mix with the tension and extremity replaced by a pervasive sense of calm and clarity.

Presumably named after the DIY PlayStation software that allowed users to create their own 32-bit masterpieces, YDS' forthcoming EP on the esteemed Local Action imprint is a masterclass in spatial awareness. These four lean and lithe tracks create an audio environment in which chirrups and chrips, bleeps and bass, pivot around one another, each individual element given space within the mix to breath. It's music that's incredibly tactile, three dimensional.

And that's why we're so excited to be bringing you an exclusive listen to lead track "Pixel Dreams". Coming on like a lost Aphex Twin track from way back when, if Richard D James had been really into the mushrooms that Mario chomps on rather than the magic variety, the track is a gorgeously downbeat, elegiac affair. One of the year's low-key mini-masterpieces, we reckon you'll be playing this one over and over again. Just like we have.

The Yaroze Dream Suite EP arrives on Local Action on the 5th of October. You can pre-order it from the label's Bandcamp page right now.

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