This CFCF Remix by Apiento is the Dreamiest Record You'll Hear All Summer

The Test Pressing don's taken everyone's favourite Canadian Balearic producer for a long, lazy dip in the pool.

Jul 14 2016, 10:45am

You know how every time an indie group add a lumbering 4/4 kick to their latest plodding single they claim that there's always been a dance element to their sound? Well CFCF's always had a Balearic element to his. While his earlier LPs are more suited to the club than the Ibizan coast there's something undeniably beardy, hairy, sublime, and shaggy about them—and hey, haven't we all agreed by now that Balearic is a feeling?

His recent release for Mark Barrott's International Feel label, On Vacation, is a 10/10, stone cold, grade-A masterpiece, and an utterly essential listen for anyone with even the slightest interest in music that sort of sounds like being in a garden centre on the best pill of your life, and CFCF's decided to postpone the inevitable comedown in the cafe by getting a few of his mates to potter down and bash out a few remixes.

Dropping on International Feel on Friday the 15th of July, On Vacation (Remixes) is a summer holiday essential and we're bringing you a track from it right here. Apiento, one of the masterminds behind the ever incredible Test Pressing website, and a great producer and DJ in his own right, has taken the gloriously gorgeous, toweringly tender "Chasing" for a spin and the result is the best track that the Penguin Cafe Orchestra never got round to recording.

If, like us, you're a sucker for Pat Metheny acoustic latticework you're going to fall head over heels for Apiento's beyond brilliant edit. Run a bath, pour yourself a glass of something smooth and silky, and get ready for the most luxurious three minutes and 26 seconds of your year so far.

On Vacation (Remixes) is out on Friday 15th July via International Feel. Pre-order it here.