Listen to a Dutch Master Getting the Remix Treatment on a New Golf Channel LP

Enigmatic recluse Spike has been re-rubbed by the likes of Juju & Jordash and DJ Nature. Listen to the whole thing exclusively here on THUMP.

Now, if the name Spike Wolters doesn't mean a huge amount to you just yet, fret not. Spike, for those who weren't paying attention a few years back when he resurfaced, is a enigmatic Dutch solo artist. You might normally find enigmatic Dutch solo artists on parts of the internet you can't normally get on it at work, but this one's slightly less dodgy than that.

Over the course of four private press LPs in the 80s, Spike crafted a beguilingly singular sonic world: imagine the Cleaners From Venus on a very strong dose of LSD getting locked in a room with a very blissed out John Martyn. The guys over at the legendary Golf Channel imprint packaged together a sort of should-have-been-greatest hits back in 2013. Orange Cloud Nine became an underground sensationan, worming it's way into the hearts of Ariel Pink fans the internet over.

Three years on, Spike's back! Sort of. This time round Golf Channel decided to ask an immaculately selected group of electronic producer's to give old Wolters a contemporary re-rub. And we're bringing you the whole thing exclusively here on THUMP. From Juju & Jordash's echo-soaked take on "Baby Love" to the beardy balearic cocktail of Mark E's take on "Goodnight", via the slow-mo disco served up by "E.S. Rever" (remixed by DJ Nature) the whole thing's a guaranteed good time. If you like your good times slightly off-kilter that is. We're very excited to be bringing you this one, so check it out in full below. Oh, and we managed to lure Spike out of hermitude for a comment or two....

Here's what Spike had to say:

"The US election system is not democratic : there is not "one man one vote". When Kennedy beat Nixon, Nixon actually got more votes. Same in England: the winner of the constituency gets the seat. So for example if a party would get 5 percent of the votes in every constituency they would get not one seat in the Commons. The one man one vote we have in Holland would give that party 5 percent of the seats in parliament .

Conclusion: the two most powerful nations in the world that call themselves democratic have election systems that are undemocratic to the core. And this "democracy" is used as propagation to conquer other nations: to bomb the crap out of them because they want to bring them freedom and democracy. God bless America.....

Been watching George Carlin talking about "Government", amongst other things. Only discovered him lately. He is/was great, his statements are so accurately worded, no bullshit , lol.

Human kind is so fucked up he gave up on it. Let the meteorite come, he said, and destroy human kind; we've had our chance, we fucked up big time; let some other lifeform have a go."

Orange Cloud Version drops on Golf Channel on April 22nd