The Festival Harm Reduction Project

Stop Calling Ecstasy-Related Deaths Overdoses

Inaccurate terminology and reporting can actually be dangerous.
Anna Codrea-Rado
The THUMP Guide to Drugs

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Microdosing

In the first installment of our new column on drugs and nightlife, we spoke to an expert about the benefits of taking tiny quantities of acid.
Anna Codrea-Rado

I Wore a Music-Activated Vibrator to the Club Instead of Doing Drugs

I had more orgasms than you had last weekend.
Lindsey Leonard

Do I Have to Choose Between Nightlife and Adulthood?

Why should I reject Moodymann in favour of a poached eggs and trips to Homebase? I'm going to live forever aren't I?
Angus Harrison
thump news

Ketamine Could Be Used to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Researchers in the UK are currently testing the way it can modify alcohol-related memories.
Alexander Iadarola

Inside the BPM Shooting: Drug Cartels and Corruption Threaten Mexico's Festival Scene

As authorities search for the motive behind a shootout that left 5 people dead, locals call for a ban on festivals in the hopes it will stem more gun violence.
Diane Jeantet
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This Archived News Report Proves We've Been Having the Same Pointless Conversation About Drugs in Clubs for 20 Years

A gem from the BBC's archive reveals just how little things have changed in club culture over the last two decades.
Angus Harrison

Isn't It Weird How Some Songs Sound Like Being on Coke?

We've picked five songs to soundtrack the next regrettable night you spend in a stuffy living-room somewhere.
Josh Baines

We Went to Fabric's Grand Reopening to See If It Was Still the Best Club in Town

Tightened security and dismal weather couldn't dampen our spirits as we stepped into the London institution for the first time since it re-opened.
Hazel Sheffield
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Nearly 60% of All Ecstasy Sold in the U.S. is Not Pure

Between 30-60% of what is sold as molly or ecstasy here s not MDMA.
Britt Julious
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Do Your Bit for Nightlife and Take Part in this Year's Global Drugs Survey

Now in its sixth year, the GDS is the world’s largest online survey about drugs and drug use.
Angus Harrison

Here's Every Single Conversation You'll Have at a House Party This Weekend

Put that drink down, join me in the bathroom, and let's discuss the future of the left.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison