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How a Historic Black Queer Disco Became the Unlikely Epicenter of Los Angeles' Industrial Scene

Das Bunker and Jewel's Catch One built a decades-long partnership on outsiderdom. Now, the party's coming back home.
Jemayel Khawaja
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A Potted History of Dance Music on British Television Vol.2: Beyond the Second Summer of Love

In the second part of the series, we turn our eye towards TV's representation of the biggest cultural shift in Britain since punk: acid house.
Josh Baines
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We Found a YouTube Channel That's Full of Amazing UK Rave Archive Footage

It's 1989 and someone just dropped Frankie Knuckles' "Your Love" in a warehouse near Effingham.
Angus Harrison
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Meet Me Under the Disco Ball: A History of Nightlife's Most Enduring Symbol

From "myriad reflector" to dancefloor staple, Nicky Siano, Rob Da Bank, and more on the spinning beacon of light that never dies.
David Garber
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Is '​​​The Underground Is Massive' the Dance Music History Lesson America's Been Waiting For?

In his latest book, Michaelangelo Matos meticulously recreates the overwhelming, epic story of dance music in America.
Nick Bazzano
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House Music is Disco’s Revenge: A Look at the Early Days of American House

Olmeca Tequila & THUMP present Switched ON Part Two: The Underground.
thump video

“You Realize You’ve Never Heard Anything Like This Before:" A Look at the Early Days of Dance Music

Olmeca Tequila & THUMP present Switched ON: A Journey Through Electronic Music.

Remembering Landmark 80s Dance Programme The New Dance Show

Two decades after it went off the air, YouTube clips and artists like Black Milk are celebrating the legacy of Detroit’s once-influential TV show and its impact on dance music and the city that gave the world techno.
Malina Bickford