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Soul Clap Take a Tour Through the 10,000 Records in Their Childhood Basement

During Thanksgiving weekend, the Brooklyn-based duo return home to Boston to chat about their sophomore album, decades-long DJ career, and friendship.
Jesse Weiss

Alcazar and the Innate Pleasure of Terrible, Tacky, Knock-Off Disco

"Crying at the Discotheque" might be awful, but it introduced me to disco...and I've never looked back.
Josh Baines
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Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage’s Legacy Honored in an Upcoming Film

British actor Kobna Holdbrook-Smith stars as Levan.
Oliver Kinkel

The Last Record: Bob Moses Loves "Cream of the Crop"-era Disco

The duo chose new music from Massive Attack, Phantogram and a collection of some of the best disco ever.
Britt Julious

François K Reflects on the Everlasting Legacy of Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage

Just how did an alcohol-free members club become one of the most important spaces in dance music history?
Josh Baines
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God Bless the Paradise Garage Bot

We pile praise on the Twitter bot that pumps out Larry Levan's favourite records all day every day.
Josh Baines

Soichi Terada Reveals the Fake Asian Stereotypes Driving His Japanese House Sound

“I’ve always liked the misunderstood image of the Orient. It actually makes me really happy.”
Alisa Yamasaki
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NYC DJ Hero Justin Strauss Shares a Paradise Garage-Influenced Disco Mix

The city staple will play Kitsune's Disco Edition club night at Goodroom alongside Todd Edwards, Cassian, and more.
David Garber
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New Larry Levan Compilation 'Genius of Time' is a Perfect Introduction to the Greatest DJ Ever

Get ready for 22 tracks worth of disco, boogie, and house brilliance courtesy of the legendary Paradise Garage resident.
Josh Baines

"I Felt Like I Was Floating" — Roger Sanchez on the Dance Record That Always Makes Him Cry

Or how an original Chicago classic changed a New Yorker's life forever.
Roger Sanchez

Regulars From New York's Legendary Paradise Garage Share Their Stories

28 years after the fabled club closed, the Paradise Garage gang reunited for one more dance.
Luis Nieto Dickens and Michelle Lhooq

The Freaks Came Out to Play at Disco Legend Nicky Siano’s Bumper Car Birthday

This represented a different era of New York nightlife--one where clubbers of all races, genders, and sexual identities mixed freely on the dancefloor.
Michelle Lhooq