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      Andrew Weatherall's Epic Jagwar Ma Remix Sounds like Wet Concrete Smells

      February 10, 2017 10:28 AM

      Have you ever wondered what'd happen if you put Andrew Weatherall in a blender with an psychedelically-inclined Australian dance-pop trio? A very well dressed eight-legged kangaroo with a penchant for Pink Floyd? A barbie-loving mega-producer who really, really likes Neighbours? A chain-smoking koala?

      The actual result is something slightly more prosaic but brilliant nevertheless: a super-wonky, yearning, cosmic-as-anything 10 minute Andrew Weatherall remix of "Give Me a Reason" by Jagwar Ma.

      Released to celebrate the group's upcoming tour of the UK, the "Weatherall Meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 1" mix is a brilliant excursion into low-slung bass & beep alchemy. The big man himself says that his edit is the result of taking the "sound of sound of sunshine in the Antipodes," and turning it into "the sound of concrete after the rain somewhere in N16."

      Jagwar Ma's Jono Ma had this to say about the session which created the track:

      "At the South Tottenham coal face —1100 sharp—with two cups of tea, a smoke, an echo pedal and a couple of synths, the commander led the charge and I followed. We had 24 hours to complete the mission. The orders were loud and clear: focus the rifle sights on the acid, discard all the "airy fairy bollocks,", call in some chattering machines and an air strike of echo. Finally, of course, the track length must be doubled—the commander doesn't do things in halves."

      Mr Two Heaters, as we presume he's known to the local council now, isn't lying: check out Weatherall's elongated take right now.

      Jagwar Ma are on tour from the 3rd of March.

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