WWWINGS, Lao, and Endgame Evoke Occult Dark Ambience On "PRAY"

It's a digital-only bonus track from the forthcoming WWWINGS EP on Infinite Machine.

Alexander Iadarola

Album art courtesy of the label

The enigmatic trio of LIT INTERNET, LIT DAW, and LIT EYNE, aka WWWINGS, has shared a new track featuring NAAFI staple Lao, and recent Purple Tape Pedigree releasee Endgame, titled "PRAY," premiering today on THUMP. It's the digital-only bonus track on WWWINGS' forthcoming META EP on Canadian label Infinite Machine, which will be out as a pink 7" later this month.

Building on the vaguely occult dark ambiance that characterized the trio's 3000 EP last fall, "PRAY" finds the ensemble of collaborators evoking an opiatic atmosphere infected by dread. While its thematic content is largely established by metallic whirs and clicks characteristic of machines in video games and sci-fi films, the real musical intrigue comes from the track's inspired percussive backbone, which instills a sense of mischievous urgency. Hear "PRAY" now.

META is out on March 25.

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