Critical Music's Foreign Concept Goes Full Hip-Hop

Check out "Make Meals," a total switch-up from the drum & bass mainstay.

Sep 2 2014, 11:04pm

By this point, we've realized that when Critical Music releases something, it's good form to drop what you're doing and listen. Enter Foreign Concept's Make Meals EP. The 7-track fits in line with the label's ethos, ranging from feelsy and moody to dark and techy, except for one major exception: The EP's title track is a half-time hip-hop stomper that sounds like it should be blaring out of a lowrider in Cali more than a Peugeot stuck on the M5 in England.

"My first musical love growing up was that classic 90's hip hop sound with chopped up soul samples and slowed funk breaks," Foreign Concept tells THUMP. "And my second musical love was probably drum and bass. I started messing around with switches, where the track would change to something suddenly, and then change back to the main body of the track. I'd never really heard this in dance music, particularly in drum and bass. I've written a few tunes where that happens now, but I think it's most effective in Make Meals, and certainly for me gives it an authentic classic hip hop feel, without compromising the dnb energy."

Switch achieved. Check out the whole release on vinyl or Beatport.

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Jemayel Khawaja is Associate Editor of THUMP in Los Angeles - @JemayelK