Swan Meat Explores Alternate Forms of Embodiment on Debut EP

'Bounty' is out now on Parisian label PERMALNK.

Alexander Iadarola

Photo by Jamie Morgan

Chicago-based producer Reba Fay, a.k.a. Swan Meat, has shared her raw debut EP Bounty on Parisian imprint PERMALNK. Pieced together from a carnivalesque assemblage of spoken word pieces, scraps of noise, and non-repetitive song structures, the record deals with themes of illness and embodiment. While its instrumentation is evocative of club music, stylistically it situates itself a little less conclusively; it's consistently caught in medias res in a multiplicity of oddly conjoined timbres and moods.

"Bounty is an EP written in the wake of my recovery from bulimia nervosa, during which I found surrogate or alternate bodies within poetry and sound," Fay said. "I thought about Samus Aran, from Metroid, the obscurity of her gender and what it meant to navigate these galactic landscapes. I built this EP with software and plug-ins I built myself, as well as samples from games, citing my time as an emo-obsessed teen as well as my background in classical music. Mostly, this is an EP about coping—and if not coping, surviving."

The Bounty EP comes out today.

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