Get to Know With You., the New House Project from Original Major Lazer Member Switch

And while you're at it stream the new collaborative outfit's latest single "Felt This (feat. Brittany Foster)."

Oct 13 2015, 7:40pm

If you were up on Major Lazer when they first broke on the scene with their bombastic blend of dancehall and well, dance music, you'll remember that the group used to consist of Diplo and London's Switch, the latter of which first caught fame working with MIA. Eventually, Switch and Diplo introduced the world to a whole new sound (and terrifying animated warlord) in 2009, with their album Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do. But in 2011, the two producers amicablly parted ways, citing creative differences.

Since those days, Major Lazer's continued their world-take over with the help of latter-day recruits Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Switch, real name David Taylor, has remained mostly quiet—until this past August, that is, when he announced his new project, With You., a collaboration including Rick Trainor, and Daouda Leonard, a group of guys all of which have had their hands in music biz' proverbial honey pot, in one way or another.

The group first emerged with a new quasi Gesaffelstein-sounding track "Ghost," that included a version featuring rapper Vince Staples. Today, Switch's new baby is back with their next piece of music, a single with vocalist Brittany Foster. It's an enthralling, beautifully produced slice of downtempo house that flexes a subtle bassline, creative array of effects, and a whole lot of soul. Check out our exclusive interview with the guys, as well as the new track streaming all the way at the bottom.

THUMP: With You. seems like a project that's pointing back to a broader collection of styles. Is that correct?
With You: We think it's important that people understand that dance music is about the feeling and emotions that are felt when you listen, and how it makes you want to move. Whether its a slow jam, hip-hop anthem, swinging jazz ensemble, or jackin' house song, there is some connection between all of these styles of music. The idea for With You. was to take all of our influences in music from house, to R&B, reggae, hip-hop, and any other music that is soulful and flip them together into a mix of something fresh. If we were to explain what With You. is, then we'd say its an artist collective of producers, DJs and creative directors with different musical backgrounds, a house party and a record label. With You. For You. By You.

How did the idea for this come about?
The last few years Dave (Switch) has focused on producing for established artists and on new artist development, which is how With You. first came about. It was supposed to be a vehicle to develop new artists and producers that could continue on the creative output of what Dave had created over the years. Finding new talent and working from the ground up, with a certain musical pedigree that he's always been known for. Rick, Jeff and Noah connected with Dave and started helping him on the last M.I.A. project and in turn he started teaching them how to make music. Kind of like grad school for Rick as a producer. Then Daouda, who's been A&Ring for artists like Brodinski, DJ Snake and Skrillex came on board to help with making records and getting them out. Whether working with established artists or newcomers, it's all in how you treat people and they treat you. As long as we're making music with artists we love, with feeling and in good taste, the experiences are great.

What can you tell us about what you have coming up?
Right now we are working on a mixtape that we're hoping to release at the top of the new year. We hope that it will help to give as much context as possible to what With You. is musically, as we work towards an album. We'll be collaborating with friends and artists who we're currently developing like Brittany Foster who is on our current single.

Switch has been producing for some big pop stars in recent years like Beyonce and MIA— how is that going to be reflected in the future music of With You?
Because of the Internet, the trend is definitely people exploring and embracing all types of music from around the world. Hip-hop is the most influential culture in the world today and at the core of both dance and hip-hop music—there's so many similarities and sounds. It's a chance to really bring a proper fusion of soulful, cultural sounds to the masses in a tasteful way. As for how With You. fit's into that, we feel that so far each of our releases has touched on that fusion and we're going to continue to try and innovate with that mindset.