Fatherhood Would Be Bad Parents So They Made Their 'Child Support' EP Instead

Stream the latest EP from Fatherhood—the Berlin/New York duo Physical Therapy and Michael Magnan.

Aug 14 2015, 8:45am

Lyndsy Welgos

Photo by Lyndsy Welgos

Consider it a good omen if you peer into a dark, clanging club full of men with dangerous cheekbones, and find Michael Magnan and Physical Therapy (Daniel Fisher) on the decks. While Magnan lives in New York and Fisher in Berlin, the pair often play together under the alias Fatherhood whenever they reunite, and this month, they're releasing a four-track EP called Child Support on Clubwerks. "We start with a sample or a sound and build it out until something clicks," Magnan says about their process. "We both take turns in the drivers seat when the other isn't rolling a cigarette."

Two of the tracks on the EP are collabs—the squelchy "Loleatta on Acid" and wonky techno number "The Yes Man." The remaining two give a taste of their individual production styles, with Magnan's "Alright Um" reworking a 2001 house record by Amtr@k Jrny, and Fisher's "Hospital House" delivering the EP's most straightforward dancefloor shuffler.

In honor of the whole "daddy" thing they've got going on—and their incredible press shot (where the hell did they get that baby?), we got the two DJs to interview each other about fatherhood, baby clothes, and their house music family.

Physical Therapy:The adults in baby clothes trend: yes or no?
Michael Magnan: Well, the sexy child vibe has been brewing for a very long time now. It's a classic. I could never really pull off the Little Lord Fauntleroy thing, but I used pacifiers well into my 20s. I fully support this.

MM: Do you think being an actual father would cramp your DJ steez?
PT: Ok this question is too real for me—I don't want to imagine being an actual father! I'm going to re-imagine the question as if you asked me about owning a dog and say it definitely could interfere. Hard to enjoy the end of the night when you know there is a little critter at home waiting for a walk.

MM: Who is your dream vocalist collaboration?
PT: Loleatta Holloway... duh! But I would also go for Byron Stingily since circumstances prevent an actual collab with Miss Holloway.

PT: Who do you see as your fathers and mothers in house music?
MM: I hit puberty right when Deee-Lite first came out, and anybody who knows me can attest that their music is the most meaningful to me. Lil Louis, Junior, Danny, Armand, Cajmere, Pal Joey, DJ Duke, DJ Pierre... obvious choices but zooming out, everything I love seems to point back to their bodies of work.

MM: Where do you see house music and club culture headed in the next 20 years?
PT: I think like any economy or culture, club music operates on a bubble/bust cycle. When I was first starting making music we were at a bit of bust period. Now the bubble is rising again, but I'm not getting too comfortable!

Fatherhood's Child Support EP is out August 17, 2015 on Clubwerks

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