John Oliver Made A "Shitty Techno" Song to Warn Trump About Putin

"A man like Putin is really bad / That you need that explained is just so fucking sad."

Feb 20 2017, 4:25pm

In last night's episode of Last Week Tonight, HBO TV host John Oliver attempted to warn Donald Trump about the potential dangers of pursuing a close partnership with Putin. Although Oliver spends much of the show focusing on the Russian politician's questionable practices—such as his annexation of Crimea in 2014 and his history of stifling political opposition—he eventually turns to song and dance to try to get his point across.

The end of the show features aperformance of a tune called "A Man Like Putin" by a fictional Europop girl group, which is based on an actually-existing song dedicated to the politician. The track is awfully catchy, and it includes lyrical gems such as, "A man like Putin is really bad/That you need that explained is just so fucking sad."

"We've put together a quick explanation guaranteed to stick in Trump's mind in the catchiest possible form: shitty techno music," said Oliver, introducing the performance.

In case you somehow weren't familiar with his work, DJ Ravidrums is the DJ who agreed to play Trump's inauguration.

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