Enjoy A.M SNiPER and Jaguar Skills' Unholy Alliance of Grime and Kung Fu.

Your ears are about to get your ass kicked.

Jun 10 2015, 7:25pm

Essential UK grime outfit So Solid Crew member A.M SNiPER teamed up with the twisted, masked beat-chopper Jaguar Skills on the Sniper Skills mixtape that's fast racking up upwards of 100K listens on SoundCloud.

The video for "Bye (Radio Wave)," featuring fellow So Solid members Oxide & Neutrino and Anamate, and then remixed by Jaguar Skills, is a sped-up kung fu battlefest soundtracked by the tune's heavy-hitting grime drop. Don't let the feelsy verses fool you, this one has some heat in the midst.

The footage is sourced from the film One Armed Boxer 2: Master of the Flying Guillotine, starring kung fu legend Jimmy Wang Yu. The only question left now is: who would win in a battle? Ninja warrior Jaguar Skills or the One Armed Boxer?

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