Foodman's Pillow Person Remix Is Like Liquid Candy

Sarah Jones' solo track gets a loopy flip from a maker of footwork fantasias.

Foodman has a way of making his sample sources feel like putty. Whether drawing from canned metal songs or jubilant pop music, the Japanese producer has a knack for liquifying all the jagged edges and transforming them into something unrecognizably buoyant. In a recent Boiler Room set, he wrangled a jittery jam out of the factory test sounds from his sampler.

For remix of Pillow Person's "On Your Way," he has a more robust set of samples to work with than that, but he still turns in something wonderfully slushy. Pillow Person is the solo project of Sarah Jones—a former member of Hot Chip and a few other bands—and over the past year she's released a couple of off-kilter high energy singles for Moshi Moshi that reside firmly within pop music's most surreal corners. But Foodman's flip of "On Your Way" pushes the original's candy coated brilliance to realms even more absurd, flipping her dazed vocal take into a swirling ooze of saccharine goo—something as sweet and disgusting as a breast pocket full of meltedice cream.

Today, you can check out the Foodman remix in full—alongside a video thats also unsettlingly sugary—right here. You can snag the original version of "On Your Way" over at the Moshi Moshi site or listen on Pillow Person's Spotify.