Goldie's New Memoir Will Detail a Life of "Abuse, Revenge, Graffiti, Gold Teeth, Sawn-Off Shotguns" and More

“It’s a music book like no other,” promises the man who fancies himself "the Dorian Gray of fucking breakbeat"

Drum and bass pioneer Goldie has announced a new memoir titled All Things Remembered.

The book, slated for release on November 2 through UK publisher Faber, is described in a press release (via FACT) as an "uncensored, hard-hitting" project in which topics including "abuse, revenge, graffiti, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood, and redemption through reality TV" will be covered.

"All Things Remembered is not just the story of how and why," Goldie said in the release. "It's everything from the children's homes to the Whispering Wheels roller-disco to rolling with the graffiti kings of New York to writing with David Bowie to reinventing myself as the Dorian Gray of fucking breakbeat. It's a music book like no other..."

Goldie—producer, DJ, Metalheadz cofounder, visual artist, and recent MBE recipient—previously released an autobiography, Nine Lives, in 2003.

News of the memoir comes after the UK artist announced a new album called The Journey Man last month, a project five years in the making.