Liquid City Motors Restrained New Track Splices Up the UK Dance Continuum

The track is off his forthcoming 'Current Source' EP on Glacial Industries.

Feb 15 2017, 8:30pm

Photo courtesy of the label

Close Up of the Serene-affiliated producer Liquid City Motors today shared the second single off the Current Source EP, his forthcoming debut on Irish imprint Glacial Industries. "Call The Specialists In" is an exercise in subtle thematic evolution, an assemblage of textured hits and sequences that's most effective for its overall sense of space. Spurred forward by a skipping breakbeat evocative of vintage jungle, the track evokes a loosely-wired machine slowly melting away its own plastic casing into a puddle.

The Milwaukee producer talked to THUMP about what inspired the track over email. "'Call the Specialists In' is Current Source's most obvious nod to the UK dance music continuum, which has had a profound influence on my sound," he said. "It is an exercise in repetition and the resultant sense of anticipation."

Glacial Industries' last release was the engrossingly cinematic Becoming N(one) EP by v1984, featuring the standout track "Crying Beneath The Surface Of The Ocean As The Sunset's Rays Flicker Into The Indefinite Horizon."

Current Source will be released on February 24 and is available for preorder.

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