Rage On: Parents just don’t understand… or do they?

Mom figures out what’s up with ratchets and womp with help from Let’s Rage.

Jessica Gentile

When I was younger I listened to rave music on the radio and in my car all day long and I used to hate when my parents would ask me about it. "Why is he saying 'Can you feel it?' Can you feel what? What does that mean and why is there an alien on your t-shirt?" I would roll my eyes and give the quickest answer possible because how would I ever explain to them why I am listening to a song that just says "Ecstacy" or "Your name's not down, you're not coming in" over and over again for 8 minutes straight? It made perfect sense to me but I felt stupid actually having to say it out loud.

When I started seeing Let's Rage clothing around various festies I felt kinda old… actually, I felt like my mom in the '90s. So to spare myself having to ask why anyone would wear a neon hat that says "WOMP" on it or a t-shirt that says "Sex, Drugs & Dubstep," I decided to call my mom and see what she thought. She asked the Boston-based company plenty of things that I am sure some of you all have been wondering, but were just afraid to ask.

THUMP: Exactly what is dub step?      
Let's Rage clothing: Musical genre perfected by young Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber in the song - "As Long As You Love Me"

Who is the girl behind that bus?           
Anne Frank, Hide & Seek Champion 1942 -1944

What do you mean by rage???
Picture this: Party till you puke, wake up on the front lawn, in your mother's underwear - that's RAGE!

What is a 'ratchet'?
Someone who's that is all about that YOLOSWAG

What does 'womp' mean?                   
Women Or Men Party, its code for bisexual swingers

Why do these girls have to look so slutty?
We don't slut-shame around these parts; we accept people for who they are.

Please explain the pointy hair on the guy with the crown on his shirt.
I tried to ask him the same question...      

Why are some of the models so angry and making unattractive faces.        
They were probably constipated, that's the kind of face I make when I gotta go too!

Is the nose ring through the nose uncomfortable?                  
After a while you barely even notice it's there, highly recommended and great conversation piece.

Does a cross upside down have any meaning?
Cross of St. Peter's he was a really cool guy.  He's in that really popular book, the Bible. Legend.