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      Huxley's 'Blurred' LP Was Worth the Wait

      October 1, 2014 8:52 PM

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      UK production maestro Huxley's upcoming Blurred LP, released on AUS, functions as a snapshot of pretty much everything good going on in dance music at the moment. It's got liberal doses of all of 2014's buzz words: future house, bassline, deep house, garage, with a splash of drum & bass and pop thrown in for good measure. It is by no means pastiche, though. In fact, the tracks are so well framed that you'd think the process of making them was effortless. That was not the case. 

      "I started working on the album two years ago," Hux tells THUMP. "I kind of wrote an album, listened back to the demos I had and then decided that I hated it. I took just one of those tracks and I restarted the whole thing. They're completely different. It took me about six months." 

      We're glad he did, because an album of such quality and breadth in this musical space is a rare thing. From it, we've got the premiere on "Say My Name" ft. Yasmin. It's a radio-ready garage-pop track, except that certain synths he uses have a distorted warble to them that will keep you shuffling about with an elated sense of alarm.

      Although the sounds on the album definitely are the move of the moment, nobody's yet been able to package them all into an LP and have them sit together with such a sense of continuity and coherent musicality. Somewhere under Huxley's bed is the album he threw away, safe in the knowledge that the world is a btter place because of it. 

      With another jaunt to the US on the horizon (with a date at HARD's Day of the Dead included), Huxley took a moment to reflect on the curious case of garage's ascent in America. "It's crazy," he says. "It's one thing that I never really thought would happen. Not for any reason, but last time it wasn't picked up at all by you guys. It goes on to show that music's moved on quite a lot everywhere." 

      Find Huxley on FB // Soundcloud // Pre-order the album 

      Jemayel Khawaja is THUMP's Associate Editor in Los Angeles - @JemayelK

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