John Mayer Can Play EDM Using Only His Guitar Strings

It's actually not that bad.

Feb 4 2017, 7:07pm

Although John Mayer is best known as a singer-songwriter in the soft rock and blues genres, he is not afraid to experiment and collaborate in different genres. Five years ago, Mayer even had a guest spot on Frank Ocean's breakthrough record, Channel Orange.

Now, Mayer proves his guitar-playing skills are more adaptable than audiences previously knew. On Thursday, the musician posted a short video clip to his Instagram page showing Mayer crafting synth-like notes and beats using only an electric guitar. Mayer captioned the video as, "Live EDM."

There's no word from Mayer that he'll continue using his trusty guitar to craft "tropical house"-like rhythms, but we can still appreciate his skills regardless.

Watch Mayer's video clip below.