Feel the Dark Lust of Kangding Ray’s “Purple Phase”

The producer explores three states of desire on his new album, ‘Hyper Opal Mantis.'

If your Valentine's Day celebration was a little less candy and teddy bears, and a little more leather and chains, you'll enjoy the latest track from Berlin-based artist Kangding Ray, "Purple Phase."

On February 24, the experimental producer will be releasing his upcoming sixth album, Hyper Opal Mantis, on Stroboscopic Artefacts. Despite releasing a handful of EPs on the Lucy-founded label, it will be his first full-length for them, after releasing all of his previous albums on Chemnitz-based label Raster-Noton.

The LP is described as a "triptych on three states of desire": sensual lust (Hyper); emotional catharsis (Opal); and destructive, fatal attraction (Mantis). "Purple Phase," which Kangding Ray describes to THUMP as "the sound of your brain locked in a loop, going up and down on an Aeolian scale," confidently falls in the first state. Propelling forward at a slow, sensual pace, it lurks amid a smoke-filled atmosphere of spectral synths and a droning bassline that nestles itself in your gut. Are you turned on? Terrified? Or both?

Listen to Kangding Ray's "Purple Phase" below.