Cherub's New Single "Disco Shit" Will Make You Do Very Naughty Things

Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Apr 8 2014, 7:13pm

Flashback to the year of 2011. I was a mere sophomore at Syracuse University, attempting to do my best at school work while maintaining a degenerate lifestyle in every other aspect of my life. It was around that time, which is marked by herbally-infused breakfasts and skateboarding under the influence, that I first encountered Cherub's debut single, "Doses and Mimosas," and I knew immediately that it would become the soundtrack to my degenerate party life.

Cherub is made of up Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, who both hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music is a mixture of downright sexy pop, funky electro beats and some sort of of hybrid symbiosis of Prince, David Bowie and maybe even a dash of George Michael (though I may be going a little far on that one). They've made a name for themselves writing songs about the only things that really matter in this life: sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Their recent buzz is due in part to the late-blooming virality of "Doses and Mimosas," and a nonstop string of live shows in which they shred on guitars, talk boxes and other on-stage accessories that turn the venue into a sort of disco-fueled brothel.

I'm so thrilled to see a duo that I've followed for years be on the cusp of their major label album debut on Columbia Records, which is truly a momentous achievement. The first single from the album is an anthem to a certain pale fairy dust that thrived in New York discos and is responsible for most of Rick James' celebrated antics. It's on-brand as usual, and it's an impressive preview of the duo's forthcoming album.

David really hopes his mom is not reading this. @DLGarber

Cherub's debut album "Year of the Caprese" comes out May 27 on Columbia Records. Pre-order here!