Guard’s Single “Xylophone” Drips With Sweat and Sunshine

The Melbourne vocalist releases a new summer single that’s actually about the pitfalls of lust without love.

May 5 2017, 10:25pm

Image courtesy of the label.

The new track "Xylophone" from Melbourne vocalist and songwriter Joel Gardner a.ka. Guard isn't explicitly about summer love, but its bouncy melody and use of a cartoonish water drop sound effect give off the vibe of sunshine, sweat, and halter tops. The track comes from Felix Snow and David "Campa" Singer-Vine's imprint EFFESS, and was produced by Felix Snow, TRodz, and Knox.

In addition to crooning sweet electro-pop tunes, by day Guard is actually a swimming teacher, and the secret admin of multiple Instagram meme pages. But his electro pop ditty isn't all fun and games. Guard explained that it's not so much about love as it is about lust—and when lust isn't enough.

"Xylophone is about when your fuck buddy stops hitting you up and you realize you're lost without validation," said Guard in an email to THUMP. "Artificial pleasure can be used to fill the void, but I always feel more empty."

Woe to the lover who scorns Guard. Have a listen to Xylophone below and check out the artist's other cheerily-titled singles "Die Alone" and "Raincoats" if you need to refresh your pool party playlist this summer.