Paul Woolford's Back with Another Summer Anthem

The lad from Leeds is ready to get clubbers from Ibiza to Ipswich weeping into their overpriced bottles of water.

Jun 2 2016, 2:24pm

For a bloke who looks pretty moody in nearly every photo I've ever seen of him, Leeds lad Paul Woolford's developed quite the knack for knocking out summer smashes. Tracks like "MDMA" and "Untitled" become anthemic records, the kind you'd hear everywhere from Croatia to Carlisle, Ibiza to Ipswich, Miami to Melton Mowbray, and he's managed to do it again.

Arriving on Hotflush on June 3, "Mother & Child" is a typically big room ready banger, an unabashedly emotional floor-filler that's set to have the spangled throngs weeping into their bottles of overpriced Evian with aplomb.

Check out an exclusive listen to the track and a quick interview with Woolford himself just below.

THUMP: Hey Paul, how's the year been so far? Is 2016 a vintage one or just another series of days passing us by...
It's been an emotional rollercoaster so far. Equal parts rewarding and grueling. A year can be as good as you want to make it and if you are truly dedicated it will always be a vintage year.

Can you sell the new single to me in a sentence?
"Mother & Child" is a heartbreaking work of art that deals with the universal themes we all face on a daily basis.

Have you ever seen a mother and child clubbing together?
Of course, it can be a beautiful thing and it can also be an interesting spectacle, depending on how late it is...

You've got a knack for cranking out genuinely massive anthems. How'd you do it? What's the secret to your success?
Thank you. For all the records that sound like anthems there are another 99 that are the polar opposite. People relate to music that connects on an emotional level before anything else. You could knock out endless DJ-tools, purely functional dancefloor tracks for years and then once you worry less about the format and create from the heart directly, that's when you will flourish. The best inspiration is to go to a gallery and stand in front of a 400 year old masterpiece. Immediately you realize what is important, and what needs to be left out of your own work.

Lastly, what are you tipping to be this year's biggest record over the festival season?
Hard to call it just yet. Denis Sulta is making some absolute pearls, ‎he has a knack with melody that is refreshing. I think it's rare that one record truly conquers all as it used to do many years ago. My friend played Eddie Kendricks' "Goin' Up In Smoke" yesterday at an outdoor party and it stood head and shoulders above everything else. Something from 1976 towering above. The best records reveal themselves over the years.

Mother and Child is out on Hotflush on June 3rd

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