Mysterious LA Soundscaper Sahy Uhns Has Fidget House on Lock

His new album 'Courtship Dances' is what happens when dance music gets warped by desert heat

This tune comes out the gate as a raunchy, fidgetty heater and switches up into dystopian ghetto-tech beat now and again – but somewhere around the three minute mark, it devolves into a voided soundscape from which it never returns. The whole thing is an engrossing endeavor, and it's seemingly par for the course from LA native Sahy Uhns.

Uhns cut his teeth with instrumental hip hop tracks, but since nestling in deeper with his own criminally underrated Proximal Records, Uhns' output has gotten distinctly weirder and more lushly produced. Rumor is that Uhns programs his own software, so maybe some of his uniqueness comes from the fact that he never pirated a Vengeance sample kit.

The album, titled Courtship Dances, is broken down into a prologue and two chapters. It varies wildly in terms of scope, ranging from ambient sounds to beat-driven, left-of-center weirdo dance to the track in question: "J'ed(ed) / Chyme," a tune slathered in dancefloor aesthetics. The whole thing is a confident release. Uhns is as fluent in lefty soundscapery as he is in dropping a beat. Those are rare attributes for one person to share. We're down.

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Jemayel Khawaja is THUMP's Managing Editor - @JemayelK