A Startup Is Making Headphones That Adjust to Your Individual Way of Hearing Music

They're seeking funding for the headphones on Kickstarter.

Everyone hears music differently. How one person will hear a track played through a pair of headphones won't sound the same to another person listening through them. With this in mind, an Australian startup, Nura, is developing a pair of headphones that learns how the wearer hears sound, and adjusts the way it plays out music according to their individual hearing.

According to the company's Kickstarter campaign, the headphones integrate sound wave technology to measure a listener's hearing from their outer ear to their brain. The headphones will then automatically adapt the music to the listener within 30 seconds. The technology was developed on the premise that everyone hears differently with different sensitivities to frequencies, which influences how and why people listen to music.

In addition to their sound frequency technology, Nura's headphones also features a double speaker for clearer tones and noise isolation. So far Kickstarter campaign for Nura has amassed more than a million dollars in funding, with an initial project goal of $100,000. The project currently has four days left for interested parties to pledge funding.