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California State Senator Introduces Bill to Allow Alcohol Service Until 4 A.M.

The bill would allow local jurisdiction to determine how long bars and restaurants may serve alcohol.

Britt  Julious

Britt Julious

Photo via Pixabay

Scott Wiener, the Democrat state senator for California, introduced a bill on Wednesday that would allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Bars and restaurants currently must stop serving alcohol at 2 am., a rule that has been in place since 1935.

The new legislation, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, would give local jurisdictions control over last-call hours for bars and restaurants.

"California currently has a one-size-fits-all 2 am end to alcohol service, regardless of circumstances," Wiener said on his Facebook page about the bill. "Nightlife matters a lot, culturally and economically, and it's time to allow local communities more flexibility."

Wiener's bill is a follow-up to Mark Leno's 2013 bill. Leno, his Democratic predecessor, proposed a bill in 2013 but it failed to get enough votes.