N1L's New Video Is Like Being Biohacked by a YouTube Randomizer

He collaborated with Dave Gaskarth to produce the clip for "Euphoria," off his recent 'Ikea Zen' EP.

Feb 14 2017, 4:24pm

Latvian producer N1L today shared a subtly obscene video for "Accelerate," off his recently released Ikea Zen EP on Lee Gamble's UIQ imprint. For the brain-bending clip he provided his own found footage to UK artist Dave Gaskarth—a longtime collaborator of Gamble's—who then "slashed and regurgitated" the final product, in his own words. Working in tandem with N1L's queasily elastic instrumental, the clip crams together shards of Teletubbies, dollar bills, and all kinds of random ephemera to create a destabilizing sense of euphoria.

For the occasion of this video's release, the producer told THUMP about the inspirations of Ikea Zen via email. "The EP was put together in a period of my life when I tried to recover from serious mood disorders and was put on various antidepressant medications," he said. "These mood enhancements put me in the state of artificial peace and I felt like I was made from cardboard."

"Ikea Zen explores these states of bottled up tension and complexity," he continued. "Like my previous record Wrong Headspace, it navigates different sonic terrains, tracks are inconsistent in style, and there's no clear feeling of continuity. This is a record about coping with omnipotent chaos and making sense of the senseless.''

Ikea Zen was released on February 2 and is available on Bandcamp.

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