Donald Dust's Synth-Tastic “Dazzle Ship” Will Take You to Space and Back

The new track out under the London label’s moniker Donald Dust sounds like the new Cold War.

Mar 1 2017, 9:10pm

Looks like the No Bad Days crew are doubling down on this whole nouveaux Cold War thing the world seems to have going on right now. Today, the London label shared with THUMP a very retro, very awesome new song (and its accompanying Russian space-themed video) "Dazzle Ship" by Donald Dust. It's the first release by the producer under that name; according to the label its also the "mysterious moniker" of someone established. You can hear the track streaming below, but it seems almost criminal to listen to this 80s-synth-tastic masterpiece on anything but a tape deck (while grooving in a hot pink windbreaker).

"Dazzle Ship" is the title track on the Dazzle Ship EP, which will be available later in March.

Pre-order the whole EP over on the No Bad Days bandcamp now, and check out the video for "Dazzle Ship" in the meantime, above.