Once Again, Bieber's New Collab with Skrillex Is Pretty Damn Good

But not as good as this acoustic cover with Sonny on guitar.

In a couple shorts years, the young Canadian known as Bieber has gone from egging houses like a small child hopped up on Mountain Dew during mischief night, to breaking the internet with his dong, to, just today— releasing a new dance-inspired clip (someone call Drake!) to his latest track, "Sorry." Like the last no.1 single to emerge from his upcoming album, Purpose, his new track revolves around lyrics in which Bieber breaks down the walls to his very the heart and surrenders the depths of his soul to anyone with a Spotify account. It also features some solid production from Skrillex and Blood Diamonds.

For the main video, we see a group of random vibrantly decorated women dropping, locking, and squatting to Bieber's new tune, a sort of digital dance hall that seems to be picking up steam these days ever since Popcaan joined forces with the Mixpak crew last year. Eventually, after breaking it down in perfect unison, the ladies present a poster board with the words "We <3 You JB." Not sure what that whole part means, seeing that I'm pretty sure they were paid to appear in this video. Whatever: it works.

But probably the best thing about Bieber's new collab with Skrillex and Blood Diamonds is the below "Unplugged" cover the pop star posted to his Instagram last night. Here, we get a short taste of Skrillex's guitar chops, in addition to Blood Diamonds' expert knack for nodding his head in approval. Can't tell exactly if Bieber's crying in the clip, but if he is, hopefully someone was there with a petri dish—apparently that stuff goes for the price of a three-bedroom home on Ebay. Check it all out below.