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Ravish Momin's Tarana Project Artfully Combines Acid House, Jazz, and Psych

"Keherwa" was recorded live, and it certainly shows in the fresh spontaneity of its progression.

Alexander Iadarola

Drummer and composer Ravish Momin has been working on his Tarana project since 2003, where he first started making music that shatters conventions with an unrestricted spectrum of creative impulses—never hesitating to incorporate whatever genres or sounds seem appropriate to a track.

On Tarana's new single "Keherwa," the project's latest lineup features only one other musician, trombonist Rick Parker. Recorded live, the track was created without any overdubs, and you can really tell in the way it moves gracefully from moment to moment without a clear map of its trajectory, splicing together snippets of acid house, jazz, and psych in a gesture toward vibrant transcendence.

Spontaneity seems to be the order of the day, and this is reflected in what Momin had to say about the track to THUMP via email: "Miles Davis inspired horn lines meet the post-Dub of Andy Stott over Joy Division drums!"

Stream the track below, and purchase it as part of Tarana's new LP A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us on Wondermachine music.

Photo credit: Alexandra Momin Follow Alexander on Twitter.