A Mysterious Producer Named Jaust Just Blessed My Inbox With This Amazing Song

Not quite grime and not quite Jersey club, but 100% perfect for the summer.

Lauren Schwartzberg

As a music writer, I get a lot of emails about new producers and artists. Sometimes the music is really bad, unpolished and repetitive. Other times it's really really good and I'm like, Where did this guy come from?! "Feel The Smoke" by Jaust, remixed here by LA-based producer Ushua, is one of those magical times. It's a shimmering track with distorted vocals clamoring over a bright beat given depth by intriguing sounds like broken glass and what could possibly be an electronic xylophone. It's a futuristic sound that's not quite grime, not quite Jersey club, but happens to be perfect for the summer. 

All I really know about Jaust is that he's a Los Angeles-based producer, originally from New Zealand. He used to live in New York working as a composer, while also creating music for films, video games, commercials and art installations. Now he's dropping the original debut single  on August 19th. We expect big things, so stay tuned. 

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