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      Watch the Blissed-Out Video for Pop District's Vaporous "It's Not the End of the World"

      January 10, 2017 9:38 PM

      Screenshot courtesy of the artist

      Jokers of the Scene member Chris Macintyre, aka Toronto musician Pop District, today shared the aqueous video for his track "It's Not The End Of The World." Directed by NYC artist Sean Dack, the clip solely consists of imagery depicting light moving through water in eerily drifting shapes. There's an undeniably dark quality to the abstract imagery that's emphasized by Macintyre's lo-fi instrumental, which evokes a cloudy, lightheaded, and claustrophobic mood.

      Mcintryre told THUMP via email that the track took inspiration from extreme weather conditions. "This track came about late at night in the studio during a massive snowstorm here in Toronto," he said. "The cavernous, washed-out textures featured in the song are definitely a reflection of those circumstances."

      Dack also emailed to explain the production process, and the conceptual grounding behind the clip. "Using a custom macro photography setup combining modern digital film making tools and lights with vintage and inexpensive lenses, I wanted to create a miniature and strange underwater world of beautiful and sometimes menacing organic shapes; oscillating between the origins of life and an toxic oil spill," he said.

      "It's Not The End Of The World" is off Macintyre's LP Secret Dream, released last year by Los Angeles imprint Distant Works.

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