The Madonna/Haddaway Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

The glory days of the 90s are fondly remembered by

Feb 19 2015, 7:05pm

The 90s were a simpler time. Tips were frosted, movies were slapstick, and MTV played music videos (bet you've never heard THAT joke before). If there's one thing that people old enough to remember Hit Clips love, it's things that remind us how great those years before the first dot com bubble burst truly were.

Enter Robin Skouteris, a London-born producer living in in Athens. After gaining local success in the film industry he eventually transitioned to music production. Not wanting to leave everything he had learned behind, he began making mashups of both audio and video tracks. Vivid excerpts from Lady Gaga music videos meet classic undersaturated Michael Jackson clips, fourteen artists get stitched together in a Daft Punk tribute, and most recently, Haddaway's hit anthem "What Is Love" gets blended with Madonna's newest "Living for Love."

To understand why this pairing is so spectacular you have to think way, way back to the glory days of the 90s. That was when Madonna cemented her position as Queen of music videos. It was also the time when Night At The Roxbury burst onto the scene, first as an SNL sketch, then as a (terrible) cult classic film and etching Haddaway's "What Is Love" into our memories forever. Our love of Robin Skouteris' mashup is about more than just music. It's about fond memories of an era long gone.

Madonna's Rebel Heart is available on March 6; She is on Instagram // SoundCloud
Roubin Skouteris is on SoundCloud // YouTube