Farmer Accuses Revelers of Decapitating Lamb During Illegal Rave

The revelers deny the allegation, and police say there is no evidence they did it.

A farmer in the Southeast of England has accused ravers of decapitating one of his newborn lambs during an illegal party in the countryside over the weekend. Hundreds of revelers threw a rave in the South Downs national park in East Sussex on Saturday night, but deny killing the lamb, reports local paper the Argus. Local police said that there is no evidence the killing was connected to the rave. 

The police were first aware of the rave early on Easter Sunday morning—which was near the city of Brighton on the South coast of the UK—but did not immediately shut it down because of how late it was and the layout of the land. They closed nearby roads to prevent more people from joining the party, and arrested 11 people the next day, who have since been released. Nine were detained for causing a public nuisance, while the two others were arrested for drug driving and assault.

"I have 1,300 lambing sheep at the moment," the farmer, named Martin Carr, said in an interview with the Argus. "Now one is wandering around crying for her lamb. Who beheads a lamb? I won't be able to use the field for grazing or hay because it's been contaminated. It's not about the money, although that is a factor, it is about knowing what's right and wrong."

The Argus interviewed some of the ravers and everyone they spoke to expressed strong disapproval of animal cruelty, and said the party "just was not like that." 

At the height of the rave, the police estimated that there were 200 people and 40 vehicles present.

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