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      Could a "Sanctuary Restaurant" Concept Translate to Nightclubs? Scuba Thinks So

      March 18, 2017 4:35 PM

      Sanctuary Restaurants is a new movement aimed at creating diverse, safe environments for restaurant workers, customers and owners. Since its launch, restaurants such as New York's La Palapa, Chicago's Honey Butter Fried Chicken, and Los Angeles' Friends and Family have joined the movements which aims to protect the liberties, dignities and freedoms of diverse communities. But could something similar work in the nightlife industry?

      Scuba thinks it's worth a shot.

      In a series of tweets posted early this morning, the DJ, producer and label boss proposed creating a Sanctuary Restaurant equivalent for club promoters.

      "By which I mean an association giving an explicit commitment on policing certain behaviours in clubs," Scuba wrote. "I realise most promoters talk a good game on this, but actually enforcing it is another matter entirely."

      Some local organizations have been working to create related actions. Our Music My Body, a Chicago-based campaign created by Between Friends, an anti-domestic violence organization, and Rape Victim Advocates, aims to increase awareness about sexual harassment in the music scene.

      Like Sanctuary Restaurants, venues that support the Our Music My Body movement hang signs that offer information and support for venue guests. Venues commit to creating safer venues by,"not tolerating harmful behaviors, which may include verbal harassment and con-consensual touching." Hopefully the movement can spread globally.

      Read the rest of Scuba's tweets below. In 2016, we wrote about six ways clubs can help reduce sexual assault and harassment.

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