v1984 Shares Therapeutically Sublime Track from His Debut EP

It's titled "Crying Beneath The Surface Of The Ocean As The Sunset's Rays Flicker Into The Indefinite Horizon​."

Cleveland-based producer, v1984, has shared a finely-sculpted, gorgeous new track from his debut Becoming N(one) EP, forthcoming on Dublin label Glacial Industries, formerly known as Glacial Sound. The track works as a kind of sonic portraiture, evoking its scene in great detail with the title, "Crying Beneath The Surface Of The Ocean As The Sunset's Rays Flicker Into The Indefinite Horizon."

Once the song hits its melodic stride, after a tickling swarm of granulated samples and plummeting bass tones set the scene, it sits on either side of a delicately melancholic two-chord progression, just imbalanced enough in its exchange that it feels like it could go on forever. There's an intimate drama being worked out here, but in its sadness there's a kind of sublime, too, implied also in the title's interplay between surface and horizon.

"The title speaks well in regards to the context of the track," he explained to THUMP via email. "Beyond that I was interested in creating a weightless feeling of loss and hope. The intro begins with dialogue between two entities, but what that dialogue consists of is for the audience to react to, fill in the undecipherable babble with their own experiences. These tracks are essentially forms of meditation and reflection for myself, maybe someone can benefit from that as well."

Becoming N(one) will be available May 13 on digital platforms and in a limited vinyl pressing, which you can preorder on Glacial Industries' Bandcamp.

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