Meanwhile in Russia, Shit Gets Weird During Enei's Vid for "The Artefact"

It involves the woods, a serious bodily injury, space, and maybe the occult.

Jul 16 2014, 8:15pm

The whole Critical posse is permanently in our good books thanks to their techy, heady, and heavy ruminations on drum & bass. Of the whole lot, St. Petersburg's Enei has become the most prominent worldwide thanks to the conveyor belt of heaters he's been dropping since 2012. His track "The Artefact," off of his Goliath EP is as dark as a ditty can get – We're pretty sure there's some Mongolian throat singing being sampled. That shit is inherently brutal.

In Enei's brand new video for the cut, we get a glimpse into some freaky shit going on down in Russia. We're not really sure exactly what's happening, but it involves the woods, a serious bodily injury, space, and maybe the occult. Obviously, we're down with all of those things. Apparently, the protagonists of the video are also down because they end up making whoopie.

Director/Script: Shutochkina Ksenia
Camera: Anna Rozhetskaya
Starring: Dinara Yankovskaya, Egor Kutenkov
1st assistant director: Yaroslav Kuzin
1st assisstant cameraman: Vyacheslav Mogildya
Costume: Victoria Prikhodko
Make up: Catherine Ehants
Composing: Sasha Yastrebova, Samvel Gevorgyan, Ksenia Shutochkina
Color correction: Mikhail Skryapkin

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