Curses' "Thorns of Desire" Vid is a Lo-Fi Techno Tesseract

You're about to become trapped in the fifth-dimension.

May 12 2015, 6:15pm

Since relocating to the clubbing Valhalla of Berlin, Luca Venezia, AKA Curses, has skewed his powerful brand of "Gotham house" towards an aesthetic that transcends international borders and takes a few cues from Europe's breadth of floor-destroying techno. Luckily, Curses hasn't lost the shadowiness we expect of the famously creepy New Yorker and Trouble & Bass founder (RIP). It's still deep and weird and dark, just how we like it.

Curses latest EP, Ocean Eyes, released May 11 on Budapest label Attaché, zips through all ends of his thematic spectrum, and features the track "Thorns of Desire," along with a seductive, music video.

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Half psychedelic visualizer, half tribute to that scene in Interstellar where McConaughey becomes trapped inside a five-dimensional tesseract, Curses' new video will pull you straight from your bootstraps into a rabbit hole of powerful techno fever. Perhaps upon your release from this dungeon of beats, you'll not only be left with a deep groove, but some profound knowledge about how to cure the world's energy crisis. We see you Tesla!

'Ocean Eyes' is available for purchase on Beatport.

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