Video: Exclusive Moby Trailer for 'Innocents'

Watch an exclusive album-themed mini-movie from this dance music legend.

Oct 16 2013, 7:00pm

The '90s was full of legendary chll-out records: The Orb, Massive Attack, Zero 7. You know, the kind of thing you throw on after the club or in the early morning hours and just vibe out to. In the current landscape of totally turnt up bangers, retro house and acid, and leftfield krautrock vibes, vibey synthetic environments are getting hard to come by indeed. Dance music legend Moby is back to fix the situation with Innocents, a recently released 12-track album that explores the lush and melancholy backdrops that populated records like his 1993 Ambient record and 1999's Play. And to accompany Innocents, he's given us this exclusive video that explores the record track by track, complete with oversaturated visuals, breathtaking landscapes, and the man Richard Melville Hall playing drums and guitar whilst repping a shirt of his former punk band, Flipper. The 11-minute clip is directed by Marcus Herring, who has worked with Kavinsky and Classixx, among others. Throw this one up on the projector, brew some kava kava, and bliss out man.

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