Mylko's Vid For "Animal" Will Leave You Cross Eyed (and Stoked about It)

The Mexican duo's analog indie-dance is a totally new sound.

Oct 30 2015, 8:10pm

You'll want to be sitting down for this one. "Animal," the first video released by Mexican indie-dance duo Mylko, is like looking into the mind of a shiftfaced bird as it flies around natural and urban landscapes in startling HD.

The tune itself is immersive. Its loping beat sits under glitchy synth flourishes and vocals that sound like Phil Collins singing at you through a broken PC desktop vocoder. It's a refreshing break from the monotonous drudgery of 4x4 dance music and a notable first outing from the newfangled duo.

Mylko is on Facebook // SoundCloud

Photography by Jessica García Robles
Post Production by Pablo García Robles
Produced by Mylko