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Enter the Psychedelic Techno Wormhole of No Way Back with Jasen Loveland's Mix

"When you roll in, you can expect to be immersed into a world with one purpose: to make you lose your fucking mind."
David Garber
The Festival Harm Reduction Project

6 Steps for Helping a Friend Through a Bad Psychedelic Trip

Start by not calling it a "bad trip."
David Bienenstock
The THUMP Guide to Drugs

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Microdosing

In the first installment of our new column on drugs and nightlife, we spoke to an expert about the benefits of taking tiny quantities of acid.
Anna Codrea-Rado

Some Acid House Fans Told Us Their Favorite Acid House Records Released on the World's Best Acid House Label

Ahead of a huge party in London, a bunch of our favorite producers and DJs pick their favorite cuts from the I Love Acid catalogue.
Josh Baines
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Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore Are at it Again on a Remix of Gunnar Haslam's "Scale No Flam"

Brooklyn's HOT MIX crew once again spruce up each other's acid tracks—this time on Gunnar Haslam's latest EP for the Bunker.
David Garber
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Take an Interstellar Late Night Swim with Roberto's "Lunar Waves"

Hear the title track from the Toronto DJ and producer's forthcoming EP on London's No Bad Days.
Cindy Li

EDC's 20-Year Anniversary Poster is a Secret Tribute to One of the Greatest Album Covers of All Time

The strikingly familiar image proves remixing isn't limited to music.
Michaelangelo Matos

Let Acid House Originator DJ Pierre's Raw and Raucous New Track "The Drive" Take You For a Trip

Taken from the new 12" on I Love Acid, this one's a white-hot jet of 303 squawking.

What It's Like to Watch Live Sex While Tripping on Acid

In this installment of clubbing horror stories, photographer Eric Strom's trip takes an unexpected turn.
Britt Julious
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PBR Streetgang's New Single Is an Epic 12 Minute Dancefloor Workout

You want a huge acid-tinged disco-house belter? You've got it!
Josh Baines
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Elka's Made a Subtle and Sensitive Hardware House Album for 1080p

Stream Elan Benaroch's full-length cassette release 'Chants' before it drops May 27.
Benjamin Boles

These Amazing Music Festival Photos Will Make You Feel Like You’re Tripping

Canadian photographer Sarah Anne Johnson discusses her new exhibition 'Field Trip.'
Rebecca Krauss