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Dance Music 101: An Online Reading Course

Brush up on your knowledge of the major electronic genres with the latest installment of Off the Record.
Michaelangelo Matos
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Traditional Drums, Miami Bass, and Abrasive Techno Intersect on Alpha 606's 'Afro-Cuban Electronics' Album

The Miami-based producer's new LP for Detroit's Interdimensional Transmissions is a musical love letter to the island his family was exiled from.
David Garber
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The Onion Are Ghettotech Experts, Apparently

They recently published an article from the perspective of an old man complaining about teens and their newfangled beats.
Alexander Iadarola
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Here's a Brief Animated History of EDM, as Told by Spotify

The first episode of the streaming platform’s new web series teaches the roots of dance music.
Krystal Rodriguez

Carl Craig Took Me on a Tour of Detroit’s Most Sacred Techno Landmarks

From Juan Atkin's record label Metroplex to the streets where 80s tailgating parties took place, this is the side of the city that most tourists don't get to see.
Michelle Lhooq
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Detroit’s Populux is Now Permanently Closed Following Social Media Controversy

The founder says the incident was the last straw.
Krystal Rodriguez
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TSA Agents Slipped a Heartwarming Note Into the Bag of This Veteran DJ Warning Him to Protect His Classic Records

Mike Huckaby will be performing another of his Sun-Ra edit sets tonight in Brooklyn—thankfully with a full bag of wax.
David Garber
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Theo Parrish Criticizes the Dance Music Community's Response to Recent Police Brutality

"You better learn to listen with your body, you better play from your heart. It was a preference before, now it's essential.​"
Angus Harrison
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Omar-S Gives Away an EP of His Signature Raw Techno

He produced its two tracks in his backyard with a bunch of vintage Roland gear.
Alexander Iadarola
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Detroit Club Populux Shuts Down After Criticism From Vic Mensa and Other Artists Over Racist Tweets

The club has reportedly launched an investigation with authorities over who hacked their account.
Britt Julious
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Vic Mensa, Hunter Siegel, and Bixel Boys Refuse to Perform at Detroit’s Populux After Anti-Black Lives Matter Tweets

The club claims it was hacked.
Krystal Rodriguez

A Conversation From a Rave Road Trip With Derek Plaslaiko

The Rave Curious podcast hits a California highway with the Bunker NYC resident.
Joshua Glazer