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This Short Doc Highlights the Effects of Gentrification on a City’s Music Scene

CBC film ‘Where’d the Night Go?’ investigates how artists, promoters, and venue owners survive in the face of rising rents
Corinne Przybyslawski
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'Bigger Than Fabric' Documentary Starring Irvine Welsh Explores the Fate of London's Club Culture

'Bigger Than Fabric' addresses the tough questions about the precarious state of nightlife in the city.
Alexander Iadarola
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Bushwig's Founders Say Gentrification Has Pushed the Annual Drag Festival out of Brooklyn

It was originally founded in Bushwick in 2012.
Alexander Iadarola
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NYC's Rebel Rebel Records To Close Due to Rent Hike

After nearly 28 years, the Greenwich Village business will be no more.
Alexander Iadarola

I Went to a Steampunk Rave in Bushwick and Learned to Accept Gentrification

How I need to stop worrying and love the mainstream.
Seva Granik
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Local Music Scene in Peckham Trumps Property Developers' Bid for Gentrification

Bussey Building, aka The CLF Art Cafe, and Rye Wax will continue to thrive for now.
Alexander Iadarola

Why We Have to Save Peckham, According to the DJs who Play There

Bok Bok, Pearson Sound, Ruf Dug and others on the importance of SE's cultural hub.
Alex Horne
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Angry Crown Heights Residents Are Trying to Shut Down Time Warp in New York

UPDATE : The two-day festival has moved locations to Pier 39 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, following concerns from local residents.
Michelle Lhooq

Britain's Railways Created the Country's Biggest Clubs and Gentrification Shut Them Down

Last decade’s desolate wastelands are this year’s playgrounds for the super-rich.
Adam Bychawski

I'm Getting Evicted From Detroit's Most Famous Techno Loft

The irony is unbearable. Kick people like us out to make room for people "like us."
Gustav Brovold and Andrew Roberts