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Krewella Forced to Cancel Appearance at Sunburn Festival Due to Visa Denial

The duo claim their visas were denied due to their Pakistani heritage.
Britt Julious

Everything You Need to Know About Post-EDM, Which Is a Thing Now

Now that the bubble's burst, a group of newer producers are bringing live instrumentation and the energy of rock music to the dancefloor.
Molly Hankins

Krewella Open Up About Their Breakup With Kris “Rainman” Trindl: “The Truth Is Very Ugly”

Krewella were once poster children for the burgeoning EDM movement—then alcohol abuse and lawsuits drove the group apart. What happened?
Michelle Lhooq
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Nightlife Community Condemns Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

Performers and figures such as The Black Madonna and Dubfire shared their thoughts.
Britt Julious
Festival Season!

Here Are the 10 Artists You Can't Miss at EDC NY 2015

From Arty, to Brodinski, to Oliver Heldens, these are the sets you gotta see.
David Garber
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10 EDM Celebrity Deathmatches We Want to See

The return of a favorite MTV show has us thinking about the possibilities.
Kat Bein

Venus X and Industry Women Speak Out Against Sexism in Dance Music

Feminist DJ collective Discwoman are tackling a pervasive problem.
Sandra Song
Festival Season!

Ultra 2015 Recap: Yeah, Bieber and CL Were There but It’s Not All About Them

Day Three finished the weekend strong as celebrity guests dominated the conversation while people kept on dancing.
David Garber
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EDM Doesn’t Have a Women Problem, It Has a Straight White Guy Problem

A culture created and nurtured by gays and people of color now is dominated by the same people who run everything else.
Zel McCarthy

The Truth About ZHU: From Frat House Outcast to Grammy Nominee

A year after he burst onto the scene, the whole world knows ZHU - but does anybody know Steve?
Jemayel Khawaja

Numbers Don't Lie: Sexism in Dance Music Culture in 2014

From Krewella's breakup to Annie Mac's op-ed, we look back at the debate surrounding sexism in dance music in 2014.
Michelle Lhooq

Deadmau5's Response to Krewella's Op-Ed Against Sexism is Predictably Sexist

By denying the existence of sexism in the dance music world, Deadmau5 is also doing something much more dangerous—he's holding back positive change.
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